Technology Demonstration

Ecosystem Projects LLC is introducing three waste management technologies to the North American market: briquetting, gasification, and pyrogasification. These processes are used for the treatment of solid waste, biosolids and biogenic waste streams, such as the residues of animal rendering facilities. The processes were developed in Italy and have been licensed exclusively to Ecosystem Projects LLC for applications in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

The first step in this introduction is the construction of demonstration facilities in North America. Design capacities for the demonstration projects are:

  • 220 short tons per day of solid waste for the briquetting facility;
  • 145 short tons per day of briquettes for the gasification facility; and
  • 12 short tons per day of sewage sludge cake for the pyrogasification facility.

The maximum design capacity each briquetting line is 400 tons per day. The maximum design capacity for each gasifier line is 260 tons of briquettes per day. The maximum design capacity for each pyrogasification line is 120 tons per day of sewage sludge cake. Multiple lines of each process can be combined or trained together at one site.

Technology Licensing and Partners

Ecosystem Projects will sublicense these technologies to parties with capacity to design, erect and operate the respective facilities. In addition to process and financial guarantees, the Ecosystem Projects license agreement provides for operating data from reference facilities to be shared and permits demonstration personnel to have access to facilities to observe operations. In addition, the licensor has agreed to process solid waste streams at reference facilities that replicate the composition of solid waste that would be processed at demonstration facilities in North America.

The licensor works in partnership with a major European engineering firm that is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor with experience erecting and operating waste-to-energy facilities, district heating systems and power plants. Our licensor also works in partnership with a waste hauler that uses licensed technology in facilities that it owns and operates.

The licensor provides a package of design engineering services for each process, as well as engineering services required for commissioning and acceptance of projects according to the licensorís process guarantees.

Ecosystem Projects has a separate agreement for engineering services with an individual who served as a process engineer for the clean energy from coal gasification facility at Cool Water, California, built for the Texaco Development Corporation He has experience in the design and process engineering of fertilizer and hydrogen plants and the development of turnkey fertilizer and petrochemical plants He also has extensive experience in commercial bid negotiations, project scheduling, facility erection and startup.