Ecosystem Projects sells three technologies for the treatment and disposal of solid waste and sewage sludge.

If you:

  • Export waste and want to lower your waste disposal costs, with long-term price stability; or
  • Landfill MSW, and want to conserve landfill airspace yet increase landfill revenues; or
  • Want to reduce fuel costs in the production of heat, steam and power; or
  • Landfill sewage sludge or biogenic wastes, and want to reduce disposal costs; or
  • Seek environmental technology opportunities in waste management and the recovery of energy from waste fuels; or
  • Seek a more environmentally responsible solution to your community’s waste management needs.

Then you should know that:

Our technologies can reduce waste export costs, earn more money per cubic yard of landfill airspace and produce low cost, reliable energy. Emissions of criteria pollutants are comparable to or lower than those of fossil fuels, including natural gas, and emissions of other pollutants are lower than those authorized by law for the incineration of solid waste.

We encourage you to explore our web site and contact us to discuss your needs.